This site is dedicated to our healing work with Giant Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor). The medicine (poison) released by this docile and peaceful amphibian, has been found to contain more than 100 bioactive peptides providing deep healing to people with varied conditions. Kambo or Sapo has been used for thousands of years by native tribes in the Amazon. These have been using this medicine to boost their immune system and also to help sharpen their senses and help with hunting. In some of the tribes   children are introduced to this medicine from very early age.

Kambo is a large green noctural frog that lives in the trees of the Amazon. Adult frogs are able to secrete a substance which is used by the native  Matsé  indians of Perú and several other ethnic groups in the amazon as a tonic and as a hunting aid. The secretion is introduced into the body through the lymphatic system;  it is applied on small and superficial burns on the skin. The effects are felt almost right away producing short lasting and powerful gastrointestinal  side-effects that trigggers a deep purge (vomiting) followed by a state of peacefulness, spaciousness and an increase in strength, heightened senses, and resistance to hunger and thirst.

Although some people report experiencing different types of visions, there are NO psychoactive compounds in the medicine that can explain them.